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MINOTAUR was formed back in summer of 1983 by three young musicians from Hamburg / Germany. The band decided to play really fast and aggressive Metal like bands as Slayer , Dark Angel, Possessed, etc. After a couple of line-up changes MINOTAUR entered the studio in 1986 to record their first Demo "The oath of blood" which got pretty good reviews European wide and was also voted for the 7th best Demo in 1986 by the German "Rock Hard" fanzine.

MINOTAUR became more professional and they were asked to put a song on the Teutonic Invasion Part I sampler released by Roadrunner Records. After getting really good reviews again MINOTAUR decided to release a self financed and produced album in 1988. This LP was limited to 2.500 copies which were sold out after a few months (re-release on CD in the 90's).

Encouraged by the success of the shows MINOTAUR decided to record a few new songs. Soon they got in touch with the Hamburg Indie label Remedy Records and a new 7" inch single was released in October 1990 with the two tracks "Towards my eternity" and a demo classic "Total decay".

This followed very successfully gigs and tours with Sadus, Sodom, Melissa, Procyon, Helstar, Hades, Viper (Ger), Rage, Invocator, Vendetta, Onkel Tom, Samael, Sabbat (UK), Betrayer (Ger), Gorefest, Risk, Riff Raff, Holy Moses.

Even in spite of their great success the band members decided to take a break in 1992 cuz of private and health problems. In 1993 Minotaur reformed for a short period of time to record & release the "Welcome to..." album through "Molon Lave Records". For several reasons Jörg was the only original `Taur member taking part on this album.

Since 2003 and with a little help of the world wide web and the release of all the old Minotaur demo classics as 7" singles through "To The Death Records" the band became well known pretty soon after their long time out. Minotaur began touring throughout Europe again.

Gigs & festivals in Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, France etc. followed and finally they recorded their long awaited comeback album "God may show you mercy...we will not" which was released on I HATE Records in March 2009 - 2018.