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German-Hamburg based Thrash Band MINOTAUR released their first Song on Rock Hard s Compilation LP Teutonic Invasion Part One in 1987 followed by their first full album in 1988, an acclaimed album, three Singles and two EPs had followed, supported through worldwide Gigs and Tours in Mexico, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Danemark with well-known acts such as Sadus, Sodom, Helstar, Hades, Rage, Vendetta, Onkel Tom, Samael, Sabbat, Holy Moses and many more. In 2009 the Band released their 2nd full length Album God may show you mercy...we will not, featuring cover art from Nifelheim Erik Tyrant Gustavsson. MINOTAUR second and current EP released in March 2021 features re-recorded `TAUR classics 2009 - 2021.